Build with rebase setting up a database

Hey guys I hope you are all going well, I am just starting to talk about a new project I have been working on, well not so new. It is called Build with Rebase and what this project does is that it will let you set up a database and then access that database as a signed in user without writing code. This is what is known as a no-code database and I have been using this application myself to set up a Tasks database to demonstrate what is possible with Build with Rebase.

The product is in the demo/gaining feedback stage but if you are interested you can access the application at the link below and create a free account to get started.

I created an account and was then able to login using the email address that I had set up.

I can then create a new table

Clicking Create Base creates the new table. I can then change the name of the first column by clicking the pencil button.

And I can create new columns by clicking on the + icon to the right of the table. At the moment I support up to 5 custom columns but will be adding the ability in the future to link in many more.

When I click on the Lock button I can lock the table fields so that I can then add data into the table.

I can add new rows by clicking on the + button at the bottom of the tasks list. This will let me create as many rows as I need to create.

This now gives me a database that I can connect to and also some sample data that I can then use for testing my ideas. In my next post I will show how to use standard HTML to setup a single page application to allow users to login and enter data.

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