Using google sheets as a database

I am planning to write a series of articles which will show how google sheets can be connected to an used as a database for an application. This article will outline the post plan and also provide an overview of how I am going to structure the application.

Now I am using google sheets as a good way to prototype an application and also a lot of my user base are comfortable using google sheets as a way of managing their data.

The application itself will be the my budget tool that I showed how to create in a previous set of articles. What I will be doing is enhancing that application so that it will connect to google sheets to save data there.

The application URL is here if you would like to play around with the current application:

I am planning to write the following set of articles outlining how I build this application to save data to google sheets.

  1. Testing and planning REST calls using Postman
  2. New pages to handle OAuth authentication
  3. Obtaining an OAuth access token from google
  4. Application design and flow
  5. Future plans

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything else you would like to see me write about.

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