Anzac Day at Wynnum

Well another anzac day is other for the year. For any one who has slept under a rock since April 25 1915 Anzac day started as a day of rememberance for the Australian and New Zealanders who lost their lives in the Gallipoli landings during the first world war. The rememberance was first held in 1916 I believe and has since become the primary day for Australians and New Zealanders to remember those who served in the armed forces for Australia. The day itself has a lot of history and there was talk back in the 80’s of it losing relevance once the generation involved in the second world war died out.

But I think that Australia has gotten over whatever cultural cringe it had in the 80’s (that’s another post or even a dedicted blog) and the Anzac day rememberances are very much part of the cultural calendar of Australia.

This year was not without controversy with Channel 7 and the current opposition leader Kevin Rudd getting into trouble for attempting to schedule a rememberance service in Vietnam an hour earlier. The controversy ended up with Kevin Rudd and Joe Hockey stopping their regular Friday morning stint on the Channel 7 sunrise show. Bit of a shame really as it was interesting to see the different approaches the gentlemen had to the issues of the day.

With my family, we went for a home group picnic to the wading pool and park at Wynnum. It was a good day, little bit hot but a great way to spend a day much better than sitting at home watching T.V.


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