Author: Philip Munce

  • Create your own ContosoPizza using replit

    I like using replit as my personal code editor mainly because of the convenience of an online editor. I thought it would be neat to show you how you can follow along with a tutorial from Microsoft to build a ASP.NET Core REST web site. I am following the tutorial from here: First thing […]

  • Good article on building a REST API using Sqlite

  • New gig on Fivvr

    I am available for work on Fivvr see: The details are below: The new WordPress Block Themes lets you implement a WordPress theme using the Gutenberg Block Editor. I can implement a WordPress theme for you built using the Block Theme.  Services  Your own block theme using out of the box components  Code available […]

  • Connecting WordPress plugin to active directory (Microsoft AD)

    Connecting a WordPress plugin to Microsoft Active Directory involves writing code to perform a HTTP POST to a Microsoft authentication endpoint. I have put the code for doing this in PHP below and once you have copied this into your plugin you can use the code to retrieve an access token for use in making […]

  • About Azure App Service (from 2015)

    Tom Archer ( continues the discussion around the new Azure App Services by detailing how they relate to the existing set of Azure services. In his article on the Microsoft Azure site ( he explains the different types of services available now under the Azure App Services umbrella which are:• Web Apps (migration from existing […]

  • Install Node.js and Cygwin

    Install cygwin at: Install node.js at Install git at Create the sample, hello.js Follow the instructions here to create a new project and upload to azure According to Node.js® is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight […]

  • Using Swagger to describe an API

    Microservices and Pace Layering There is a lot of hype around at present for API’s or Microservices. This is a good thing because they represent a new way of looking the SDLC by breaking down applications into smaller more manageable pieces. Martin Fowler sums it up well at by highlighting the differences between traditional monolithic applications […]

  • Handcrafting Swagger

    What is Swagger Swagger is a new way of defining API or web service endpoints currently being maintained by SmartBear the makers of SoapUI.  The concept is to provide an easy way of describing what an API does which is readable both by humans and by machines.  I want to in this post walk through […]

  • How I was able to configure syntax highlighting on my WordPress site

    I like to blog about technical topics and part of this involves providing code snippets with an explanation and further exploration about those code snippets. When readers are reading a page on my blog I would like any code snippets that are on a page to be formatted with syntax highlighting as per the following […]

  • I have updated my WordPress REST API to set and return the number of views per post

    The next iteration or feature I have implemented in my react theme is a view counter which shows the number of views each one of my posts is getting on my WordPress site. The number of views is a number value that is held against each post on my WordPress site using what is known […]

  • Adding view counter to wordpress rest api

    This snippet of code will add a view counter to your wordpress rest api, making the value available in the meta->post_views field for future use.

  • Styles added to navbar and added favicon

    A couple of small tweaks today, I have styled the navbar and also have been able to tweak the wordpress theme to use my favicon. This stack overflow article provided the information that I needed to set a favicon in a wordpress theme. The key part is to use the get_stylesheet_directory_uri The navbar currently […]

  • Social links added

    I have added the social links to my blog. The links are rendered in a react component called SocialLinks. At the moment I have hand-coded the list but in future I will make this more dynamic. For styling of the list I am using flex box to render a flex column.

  • Upcoming changes to muncey web template

    I am working through a bunch of updates to my wordpress template and thought I would share the current progress. In the above image you can see what the template is looking like at the moment. I am trying to make it clean and simple with most of the information and actions available at the […]

  • Google analytics

    Google analytics provides insights into who is using your site and what pages are being viewed. To use google analytics what I needed to do was to add a function into my functions.php called my_react_google_analytics. The —– is a placeholder for the tracking code provided by google analytics. my_react_google_analytics To use the function I then […]

  • Creating this theme

    I have created a very simple theme for this site called my-react which uses a combination of the Reactjs Javascript libraries and the WordPress APIs to render the customer facing front end for my site. As I developed the theme I set myself the following goals. First I wanted the theme to be easily extendable […]

  • Blog theme

    The theme for this blog is a custom theme which uses Reactjs to render the front end and connects to WordPress using the WordPress API.

  • Rebooting

    I am starting a brand new blog (attempt 3 I think) on The content will be focused on programming, music, movies and theology four passions of mine and I hope that you enjoy reading the posts I will be putting up over the coming weeks.

  • Designing changes to data models.

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect database modelling tool and haven’t been able to come up with one that is much better than the one that sits under your nose. That is Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet tool. I am finding a very quick and easy way to design a new […]

  • Baby born Yesterday

    I haven’t blogged for a week or two as had much more important things on my mind as my wife was nearing the end of her pregnancy. We thought we had a couple of weeks to go but on Monday my wife went to see her GP about an alergic reaction and yesterday she gave […]

  • Anzac Day Plus One (April 26)

    Continuing on the theme of the Anzac day celebrations I spent part of last night researching my namesakes on the WW1 and WW2 honour rolls. The Australian war memorial web site has an option to Research a Person. I used this to find the service record of my Grandfather on my dad’s side and my […]

  • Anzac Day at Wynnum

    Well another anzac day is other for the year. For any one who has slept under a rock since April 25 1915 Anzac day started as a day of rememberance for the Australian and New Zealanders who lost their lives in the Gallipoli landings during the first world war. The rememberance was first held in […]

  • Sailing to Sarantium – Guy Gavriel Kay

    Writing fantasy must be a tough gig. There are only so many dark lords of the earth to be found and surely they must all be vanquished by now. So it was refreshing to see that Guy Gavriel Kay has taken a different approach with his series The Sarantine Mosaic. A number of series have […]

  • David Beckham for Australian Striker

    Lately I’ve been thinking. Thinking that what Australia needs in their soccer team is a world class striker. Not that Harry Kewell isn’t great or anything but we need someone who is just that little bit extra. So as a thought what about David Beckham? Before you laugh it’s not as crazy as it sounds. […]

  • Broncos Win 2006

    What a game, I thought that Matt King did actually score that last try fairly, but apparantely Harragon saw something that no one else did. But that pass from Casey Maguire was fantastic and well done the broncos. The only downside was the timing of the game. I loved Mike Colmans column in the Sunday […]

  • Tim Flannery’s Article on Global Warming

    Tim Flannery wrote a fairly disturbing article in this weeks bulletin. New evidence reveals the ice caps are melting faster than previously thought. Only urgent action can save our coastal cities, and stop global climate from spiralling out of control. Tim Flannery reports. Ice shapes Earth’s climate, and as it melts, almost every aspect of […]

  • Broncos to win on weekend?

    I hope so, but not as confident as I would like to be as the Storm would have to be the stronger team on paper. Still it would be great for Webcke who is one of the most understated players in the game to be given a winning send off.

  • Starting to use ASP.NET 2.0 Themes

    I am starting to play around with ASP.NET 2.0 Themes. They look like a great way to quickly build a customisable site. I haven’t got too far yet, but this site seems quite good for choosing colours. One thing that I haven’t been able to find is downloadable themes anywhere. Would be great to […]

  • Running DVD’s on Fedora 5 using XINE

    My home computer is a PIII which has been running Fedora 5 for the last few months. One of the frustrations with Fedora is that due to licensing issues, the operating system does not come with a media player that supports the DVD format. To get my PC setup as a media player for DVD’s […]