David Beckham for Australian Striker

Lately I’ve been thinking. Thinking that what Australia needs in their soccer team is a world class striker. Not that Harry Kewell isn’t great or anything but we need someone who is just that little bit extra. So as a thought what about David Beckham?

Before you laugh it’s not as crazy as it sounds. We wouldn’t have to get him playing for an A-League team or anything like that, only get him to show up for the big games so we can have the game plan of pass the ball to David.

Couple of thoughts come to mind against the idea. The obvious one being that he is English and was until recently England’s soccer captain. Well four words about that Russell Crowe and Kostya Tzu. Both of whom were born overseas and both of whom are now regarded being as Australian as meat pies. As for being the england captain, well I am sure we can get someone to go to his mansion and ask him why he is loyal to a team that well lets face it, knifed him in the back.

I fail to understand why England would get rid of him, but I reckon Englands loss should be Australia’s gain, same as when Neighbours went to channel 10 from channel 7.


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