Running DVD’s on Fedora 5 using XINE

My home computer is a PIII which has been running Fedora 5 for the last few months. One of the frustrations with Fedora is that due to licensing issues, the operating system does not come with a media player that supports the DVD format.

To get my PC setup as a media player for DVD’s I needed to install a player that can support the standard. The site GNU/Linux DVD Player Review on provides a good overview of what options there are for linux based media players but in the end I settled on xine.

I installed the XINE player. I did this by using yum. Simply typing yum install xine did the trick. It went off and installed the libraries that it needed followed by the default xine GUI. The only other step was to run yum install libdvdcss to get the codec to support playing DVD’s.

Once I started playing DVD’s I noticed the frame-rate was extremely choppy. The reason for this is that Fedora 5 doesn’t automatically install a decent driver for the nVidia graphics card. To get around this I needed to run yum install kmod-nvidia. This updated my kernel to a more recent version and installed the correct nVidia drivers that I needed. After that the XINE DVD player ran extremely smooth.

Actually the nVidia bit was the one that caused me the most grief. If you want to know if it is the drivers that are giving you grief the easiest way is to run /usr/bin/glxgears.  The gears should rotate smoothly, if they don’t chances are your nVidia driver is out of date.

There are a few good sites that provide a bit more information about what to do with nVidia.  But essentially if you are using a base Fedora 5 install you will need to update your kernel and then install the kmod-nvidia package.

For more information on installing nVidia on Fedora 5 try:


and this one is pretty helpful as well

And XINE can be found at


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