Tim Flannery’s Article on Global Warming

Tim Flannery wrote a fairly disturbing article in this weeks bulletin.

New evidence reveals the ice caps are melting faster than previously thought. Only urgent action can save our coastal cities, and stop global climate from spiralling out of control. Tim Flannery reports.

Ice shapes Earth’s climate, and as it melts, almost every aspect of our climate will be affected. By the middle of this year, evidence was emerging that the big melt is already under way, and that Earth may have passed a crucial climatic tipping point. The key findings concern the Arctic ice cap, which may have entered its death spiral. In as little as 15 years it could be no more in summer. What does this mean for Earth’s climate, and for us?

I can’t say that I’ve read a lot of Tim’s work in the past, but what he was saying in the article is scary enough. Basically there are concerns that large parts of inner city Australia will be under the water at some stage of our life time.

Scary to think about.


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